Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ghost Of A Chance

Basic lives of avoidance. I think that is what most live. We avoid the troubling, the uncomfortable. It's easier to just muddle through somehow, than to tackle the obstacles. Why hit the log when there is a perfectly easy line around? Why bring up the things that bother you, when you can just watch t.v.? You could have another beer or talk two hours about the intricacies of your life. Most take the beer, me included.

It's hard to write a blog about bikes when you are not riding them. I could lament the loss, like an old love. I could chastise myself for not being more thankful when I was healthy. I have to say, after the last dance with the neurosurgeon, that every day in the woods, on the road, anything involving turning pedals, I was very aware I was recieving a gift. I have been to the dark side and back. I have learned that things get taken from you all the time, some little by little, some all at once. The wolves are always at the door, the clock is ticking, pick your cliche, and run with it.

I am not sad. I have my moments where the shadow sits next to me, but I am a veteran of this game now. I don't scare as easy, until I have a really, good, reason. So for now, I am the disenfranchised rider you fear being. I am living the uncomfortable reality you turn your eyes from, for fear it's contagious. Pity? Nope, I want you all to enjoy the ride, and remember its a privilage not a birth right. Yell my name on the climb tonight boys..... I miss ya.