Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Devils and Dust

I suppose I should be angry,
I suppose I should be sad,
but after all is said and done,
the crash wasn't that bad

The newly baptized and the old angry zealots turned out to testify at the Chapel Munson. There wasn't a free pew in the house, and you couldn't take a breath without ruffling another sinners coat. It was obvious to me that there would be fire in the sermon and I wasn't disappointed.

I can't explain it but I have been feeling really good. Good, despite baffling my doctors and not being able to feel my right arm after a month. Good on the bike, good in my life. I have a new mantra and it goes something like this:

I am thankful for feeling good and I will do all I can (today) to take advantage of it. I do not expect to feel good tomorrow. I will try not to live in fear. When I feel bad, I will rest and hope for the best. Today I will ride.

So with that, I showed up at Munson, caffeinated and ready to go for broke. Jauncho smiles like a politician theses days. He lives safe in the knowledge that he has put in a herculean effort to become a new man. We picked on him when he was the fat kid and now he has a lot of quiet, venom in his blood.

You can read his blog for the play by play, all I can say is this: Homey is running better than ever, but even after I crashed and killed myself to get back on with the pack, I had gas in the tank.

To be continued......