Monday, February 27, 2012

The Greatest Sin

The greatest tragedy of all is not the anguish we suffer at the hands of those we loved.
It is the hurt we cause to others of which we are totally unaware.
Those are the tears that fall with the weight of the ocean.
The tears that fall from the eyes of those that trusted us with their hearts,
only to find us careless, weak and unknowing,
of the responsibility with which we were charged.


Monday, February 20, 2012


I got a broken bone and you roll your eyes
say I'm almost fifty I outta realize
can't heal like when I was twenty
popped my colla, but at least it was funny

Y'all know I can be a hater
till the day I die, be a bass racer
my world needed an instigator
if you fast well, I'll see ya later

I don't like trails wrapped up like candy now or laters
you got good lines, I got erasers
you like clay, Yanni and mediators
I like rocks, roots, logs and alligators

hiking trail, do work son
BC FNG, ain't no stripe son
earned my kit and you bought one
save your receipt, get a refund
titanium in my heart and neck
If I crash, I bleed orange and black
fell off the skill builder heard a crack
rehab like Shanks, and we'll both be back

Wrecking Ball hanging in the sun
Rusty chain, mouth's a machine gun
no body cry when I'm done
you might have trophies, but I had more fun

When I die spread my ashes on the levy
hope the box holding me ain't too heavy
All the BC boys get handful and throw me
You didn't like me?
Then ya didn't know me....