Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Sorry

Okay I get it, we had to live with a douche nozzle for eight years that couldn't complete a sentence in English if his oil stock depended on it. I know he was an ex drunk with an important Dad, and the Masons propped him up to the highest office in the land. I too am angry, that we had to live with nothing more than a letter man homecoming king and that he dug us into some really deep mud holes.

I also get that Barrack is cool. It's nice to have a well spoken, good looking man in the White House. I too got chills during his campaign and I voted for him. I love the fact that the guy and his wife can find two and four on a dance floor. I like the fact that actual artists I listen to are endorsing him (the fact that it coincides with the release of their latest album aside). I think it is a wonder of our time that we finally elected a MAN of the people instead of some entitled prick from a rich family. I am behind him in every way and I couldn't be happier that he's OUR guy.

Now: can we all stop looking up at him like prepubescent school girls at a Jonas Brothers concert? Can we stop pretending that his wife is the Virgin Mother and that his angelic kids have the cure for cancer running through their cute little veins. Can we PLEASE stop referring to him in terms normally reserved for sons of divine beings? Can we all just realize that this is how a president is supposed to look and behave, and that this should be the norm and not the exception?

I applaud his every move and I am glad to be on the winning team, but I would like to bring him back to what I voted for: a Human Being. Maybe we could all take it a down a notch or two. There will be plenty of time for a victory lap after the issues are worked out....don't ya think? I know the dust has hardly settled on this historic election. I don't want to be a wet blanket on the good feeling the country has for the first time in our lifetime, but I swear if I see one more (*RICH*) teary eyed celebrity, I am gonna hurl.

Congrats Mr. President, thanks for winning and giving us all hope. Good luck on the job.

Oh yeah.....bikes are cool. Rock on.