Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bark At The Moon!

Nietzsche once said: "If you stare into the abyss long enough it will stare back at you."
I can tell you now that I have tried it, I saw nothing staring back, but I do have sore hands, a sore knee (with a small cut) and I can't stop laughing. Conventional wisdom would dictate that if you are wearing a four hundred dollar light on your head, and you are also riding in the dark, it might be wise to turn on said light. Well conventional wisdom has never been an element of any ride I have been on with the crew.

It was almost a full Beaver Moon last night (thanks Rev) and someone made a joke, regarding the validity of the manhood, of the poor unfortunate BASTARD! that turned his light on first. This led to a full a lap of Over Street and Red Bug in the inky depths of darkness. What's that? Not enough of a challenge you say? Oh, let's also ride without brakes! Because I wasn't hitting enough unseen obstacles before! We averaged about three miles an hour, and screams of horror were belted out about every two seconds. All I know is my arms feel like I lifted a 67 V.W. Bug.

The highlight of the evening was when Frog Legs yelled out, in absolute terror: "STUFF!" because he was out front, warning us of danger, and had no idea what he was rolling over. My eyes are still dilated.

Ideas for future rides;

1. Live Oak on flat tires.

2. Munson on road bikes.

3. City ride on stiff single speeds.

4. Tom Brown with out saddles.

5. Bike Church with out weed......well okay that last one ain't gonna happen.