Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thursdays Child

I am working on something that I may or may not post. A romantic look back at a period of my youth that introduced me to tragedy. It could go over like a fart in church so like my riding, I will have to take it easy till my mojo returns.

On the riding front, I have been doing a lot of it and mostly badly. One week ago today I crashed on a leafy corner at Tom Brown. I went into the corner too hot, braked (broke?) badly and went down hard on my left side. I jacked up my shoulder, hip and ribs. Since then I have started over. I had the squeaky brake rotor replaced, put on some tires with more knobs. I spent the next week riding slowly and thinking of things I haven't in years. I went out and rode sections with LWB over and over, till I knew exactly where the lines were. It has revitalized my way of thinking. We frequently go out and ride things several times now. It is a good exercise, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, I joined the Worm on "Joe's" road ride. I was sweating it like a race. All day long I looked for great reasons to get out of it, but dammit, it was the big mans birthday. Like always he sensed my nervousness, got me on his wheel and pulled me to safety on the sprint. After that I felt loose and more confident. It turned out to be the ride that broke my bad streak. I didn't want to do the ride and it was exactly what I needed.

Try new stuff. Hang in there when it sucks. Sooner or later all slumps end.