Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Update on the Neck

The good news:

My bone grafts (fusions) are still in great shape. I am not in as much pain as before due to the torturous rest. The Doc does not think my new symptoms are related to my first surgery. The Doc is confident I will be able to ride again. I didn't know you can have up to four fusions with about the same mobility I have now so ...F-it lets cut BIATCH!

The bad news:

Since I have numbness/pain in my fingers and thumb, it would seem that c5/c6 are bad as well as c7/t1. I am not a good candidate for disc replacement. We still need a MRI but the Doc suspects the discs above and below my fusion are deteriorating. I will need at least one, and possibly two fusions, above and below my last. I am on steroids and can't ride til after my MRI (if at all) which means if I need surgery it will be at least two weeks which will keep me out of the woods til deep into August. I will be able to get on the trainer (two weeks after) and get on the road (6-8 weeks after) and if all goes well back on the trails before fall.

I am not that bummed. I got the news I expected. If I need the surgery, I want to get on the schedule as soon as possible. I am sure once he says he has to cut I will have a reaction, but right now I just want to go in.

Thanks for positive thoughts.