Friday, September 10, 2010

My Brain is like a Sieve

I remember when I first started riding with Big Worm, I used to complain so bad on the climbs, he would tell me jokes to distract me. Then one day he said:

"Just ride to the next tree"

"Then what?" I said.

"Ride to the next one after that." The big man said.

That's how this new thing with my noodle is going. One tree at a time. I am trying not to look up the hill but sometimes, my hyper Irish brain is not so smart. It likes to go a few more miles up the trail than it should. Lucky for me I have some really good friends, a really strong wife, and a family that drives me nuts, but is on twenty four hour call. All these things keep the chin up (if one has a chin).

Thanks to all for the help. It may be time to augment the moniker...

(lunch with the author for first correct guess)