Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Devils and Dust

I suppose I should be angry,
I suppose I should be sad,
but after all is said and done,
the crash wasn't that bad

The newly baptized and the old angry zealots turned out to testify at the Chapel Munson. There wasn't a free pew in the house, and you couldn't take a breath without ruffling another sinners coat. It was obvious to me that there would be fire in the sermon and I wasn't disappointed.

I can't explain it but I have been feeling really good. Good, despite baffling my doctors and not being able to feel my right arm after a month. Good on the bike, good in my life. I have a new mantra and it goes something like this:

I am thankful for feeling good and I will do all I can (today) to take advantage of it. I do not expect to feel good tomorrow. I will try not to live in fear. When I feel bad, I will rest and hope for the best. Today I will ride.

So with that, I showed up at Munson, caffeinated and ready to go for broke. Jauncho smiles like a politician theses days. He lives safe in the knowledge that he has put in a herculean effort to become a new man. We picked on him when he was the fat kid and now he has a lot of quiet, venom in his blood.

You can read his blog for the play by play, all I can say is this: Homey is running better than ever, but even after I crashed and killed myself to get back on with the pack, I had gas in the tank.

To be continued......


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Typical Reaction

I like to bandy about flowery words. I love to take the licence with all things dramatic. In this case I will just say: I rode bikes with my friends and LWB, and it was grand. I thank you (Deity of choice) for letting me come to the well once more.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cruel To Be Kind

Lil W.B. and I have been riding Red Bug for three straight days. He used to hate this trail because it was hard, but now he likes it because its hard. Go figure. The first day we rode out there I noticed I was grinning and then it hit me, I love roots. Say what you want (pro or con) about the newly groomed trails in town, no human can come up with obstacles better than Ma nature.

There are some sections out there that you think of way before you get to them. That nagging doubt creeps in: what if I don't get over that step up? When you clean one of those roots, logs or wash outs you feel like you have done something special. Flowing clay and berms will never give you that kind of pay off (not that there is anything wrong with that).

If you can come up with a better feeling than clearing a tough part of trail and hearing a guy behind you tank it, I am all ears. After all mountain biking is not supposed to be a clean, smooth, activity. What drew me to this sport most of all was that I fell, almost every time I rode, for my first year. I will never forget the time I made it clean over the three tough climbs on the old Cadillac trail. I love all the new trail improvements, but I miss the feeling of a new tree or log crossing the trail after a storm, and committing to trying to get over it with no idea how it would turn out.

This weekend you have a chance to race on one of the last all natural, no silicone, trails in town. Sure the other ones are curvy, compliant, and their hair is perfect, but I always like a girl that fights back. Red Bug is the woman that will make you pay before you get the kiss.

I can't race this weekend, but I will be out there yelling at all my friends and laughing at the slobs learning what "skill" actually means.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Save It For Later

This just in, I am feeling a lot better. I even rode a couple times this week. I am wondering if I have a note from my Doctor (saying how feeble I am) if I can race first timer.

Could Jauncho (skinny boy) make his flyweight race debut?

See Ya'll at the race next Sunday.