Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gin and Juice (and neck retraction excersises)

Just wanted to drop a note and update blog family and crew members on how the Zipper Neck is this week. I will refer to myself as Zipper Neck until the W.B. is riding again. It's very cool to refer yourself in the third person, try it, it feels good (and the first one is free). I just want to say thank you to all who comment, read, and lurk at my little patch of da intranet. Much appreciated.

First thing: Pete, aka: Shins, aka: Oh Crap! what did he wheelie off of, onto, or over now, put the fix on my suspension. I believe this has been the source of my latest woes. I am taking a week off to recover and do physical therapy exercises. I hope to ease back in, with some chill one hour rides next week, and build from there. Come backs are great, this is my fifth official rebuild. It will be sweet when I get back and I hope to make the crew proud, and to be the focus of all the "see you over reacted again" jokes they can toss me. I hope (Deity of choice) is listening.

I am going to Orlando to walk Neil (socialburns lead singer and one of my dearest friends) down the isle. It is always good when a friend makes a good mate choice. I hate kidnapping people and driving away from pissed brides, relatives, and caterers. It will be yet another line on the tree ring and I feel as though one of my sons has come of age. I will be out of town for a few days and I hope to visit my home town (the museum of all that went wrong) for a couple days as well.

I may be posting some non bike related posts to fight of the recovery depression (I wish I was joking) so if you don't like them or don't comment, I am giving you a pass. You know what they say: "A boys gotta write".