Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet Tuesday Morning

Heading down to see some Gators about a hole in my heart on Tuesday. If all goes well, I'll be home Wednesday, and hopefully (dare I think this far ahead?) back on a bike by mid/late November.

My wife's and my relationship is about to go to a new level of intimacy, as she is shooting drugs into my body. Boy the fun of having a heart issue and a stroke, just keeps getting better.

I have to say: I am thankful I have a job with really good benefits. I am thankful for the truly compassionate and quality heath care I have received. But jeez, I am worn down to the nub with all the blood giving, opinion getting, prescription filling, form writing, warning label reading, and "in the unlikely eventing" I have been doing. Like a new Mom in the ninth month, my fears have been replaced by an over whelming need to: "get it over with". Just to stay honest, I have managed to stay (a little) scared shitless.

So it is with true BC resolve that I roll balls out, no brakes, f#*^ it if I take a digger, towards this obstacle in my trail. Even if I leave some big ring teeth on it, I'm still gonna be stoked, if I am rolling on the other side.

See y'all at the start/finish. Save me a seat, a sausage dog, and a Fat Tire Ale.