Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make this go on forever

June has been a hell of a month. My #1 son departed for, and returned from, France. How did he become so smart and well adjusted? #2 is tending a very productive veggie garden, working sporadically at Zone5, and heads off to Summer Jazz Camp next week. I have dug my way out of the pit at work, and I am riding pretty good considering. My head is up.

I have been employing a relaxation technique before I fall asleep. The result has been spectacular, prophetic, technicolor, trips to neon oceans, where I surf for hours, or nose wheelie vintage skateboards, down black top ribbons, for miles.

I pray to all that is benevolent, this is a new chapter and maybe my period of heavy testing has passed. Please forgive me if I guard my chips and back away from the table. Battle has left me scared and vigilant.

My life, like my riding, is not that pretty. I hit obstacles hard. I don't care if my chain rattles, I just want to be rolling when it's over.