Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Being alone in any endeavor is a tad duanting. There is no one to compare to. I am sure Jill, up in Alaska, would find my situation funny, but adventure is relative. If you have never been on a bike, and you roll to the end of the driveway with a higher heart rate, isn't that a first ascent?
I have been doing a lot of solo night rides out at Fern, Tom Brown, and Cadillac. I am trying to stretch out my comfort zone.
The other solo flight I am plotting is the music stuff. Before, I had a ton of people I could bounce ideas off of. Much like the real estate business, there has been a mass exodus. When things were easy, everyone was anwsering the phone and getting checks. You couldn't throw a rock (even in Tallahassee) without hitting a music professional. In 2003, I had a surreal experience at Floyds. I walked outside to use my phone. I was in the company of four other people, all managers for bands playing that night. All of us were on the phone, equally serious, talking for our bands. The funny thing was, we were the only band with a record deal and the rest were local openers. It made me question the validity of what I was doing. Maybe we were all "playing manager"?
Last night I got to the levy a lot later than I wanted to. On my way back in I had to turn my light on much sooner than usual. I am always on fern before I run out of light. For the whole ride back to T.B. the guy in the hockey mask was behind me reving his chainsaw.
I had a similar dilemma (I won't bore you with) that was equally scary. My instinct was to call the old stand by's in New York, not an option. If only I had a light that would make this ride a little easier. I guess that's the reason for the high heart rate. Cool.... Adventure here I come.


juancho said...

Come on, bore me with the details. What the f*ck are you up to?

duran duran already staged a comeback.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

very superstitious
writings on the wall.

I never discuss anything until its on paper.

AucillaSinks said...

Simon AND Garfunkel?

Anonymous said...

don't call it a comeback,
they been here for years!

Hockey mask guy didn't have a chainsaw to alert you he was there, he always had a quiet weapon, generally a farm implement to pull you off that bike and go for the goodies, betta watch out! Solo may have a new meaning...