Friday, February 8, 2008

Maybe we should all just have some dolphin safe tuna and start a productive dialogue. Let's just put on some Enya, and chill you know?
Everything is it's own way.
w.b.z.n.... man, you know.... it's cool.


Anonymous said...

I got George Winston bumping in my orchid room baby...mellow

try to censor that! oh, shhhh, mellow

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Ya, sorry about the nazi move. My son was at my computer and I got up to get food. When I came back he said; "I think someone is mad at you!"
I deleted the posts to prove a point that the language was not smart or funny.
Thank God he doesn't have access to all my posts eh?

juancho said...

If a b*tch be gettin' crunk then a b*tch gotta get censored.