Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Monkey Balls

Best Ride Ever!

Tuesday night rides are notorious for drama. If there is going to be a melt down, this is the ride where it will happen. Nothing of the sort happened on the this ride. We had a real reunion of some core O.G.'s (or as I call them "oh jeez").Yes I have to name them, or I will be on the no call list.

Porn Stash, with battle wounds and stories galore.

Spanish Mackerel, with several pounds missing.

Ice Berg, with his road race win grin, still stuck on his face.

Red Dragon, on a no suspenee singular.

Frog Legs, wearing gear with the tags still on.

Big Worm, too legit, and fit, to quit.

Big Jim Slade, with a public service announcements attached to his bike.

Mei Ty, back from the "Out of college, but still drinking like a frat boy" tour.

So after all my belly aching yesterday, I was on an honest to goodness, crew ride. The only thing that could have made it better would have been an appearance by the ghost, formerly known as Micro. The ride started out good and got better. We headed out to Live Oak and Chris finally knocked off the log that has been robbing him of peace for two years. Someone faster than the rest of us, decided it might be good to do a time trial at Red Bug. This idea quickly fell apart, because we couldn't get all the kittens in a box. While Legs, Berg and Slade put lotion on their egos, we all waited in the parking lot. That's when Mackerel found a tennis ball and threw it in the ring. For the next hour we had a steel cage, no holds barred, monkey ball match that was the funniest, funnest thing, I have ever done on a bicycle. There was yelling, crashes and unamused stares coming from the tennis sect. A ten on the fun meter.

Results are as follows:

1st Red Dragon-6 goals

2nd Worm/ Wrecking Ball- 4 goals

3rd Mei Ty -3 crashes

4th Frog Legs-1 crash, with goal scored on him while on ground, and 1 scab removed.

I promise you there will be a sign at Forest Meadows prohibiting such activities in the future.



Magnum said...

Hey, that same picture is over on BRC; what a coinkydink!

juancho said...

shut it jackass!

Anonymous said...

Add a stick in there and you'll know why I love bike polo.

mmmmmmm pooooo lllooooooo