Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Fat Lad said...

Too many cyclists gone. Makes me want to become militant in my attitude towards bike advocacy

Fat Lad

Anonymous said...

Nice photos WB!
That was a great ride.
Thanks to everybody who came.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I was proud to be part of of last nights ride. I am glad we raised awareness.
I think the single biggest thing we can all do is obey traffic laws and change the way the public views us. If we can change the perception (of motoists) that will make the biggest impact. WE have to be beyond reproach, so when a cyclist is injured they can't point at us, when asigning blame. Until we (as a community) accomplish that, sadly there will be no change in the situation.

RickySilk said...

Looks like some folks are wearing their ghost helmets.

AucillaSinks said...

Ten years ago I would have rolled my eyeballs at that statement H.W.B. I was an accomplished sidewalk riding curb hopping stair climbing red light running SOB and proud of it. Still am, just not nearly as blatant. But in recent years, the rhetoric and statistics of the experienced law abiding roadie cyclists has been sinking in and commuting to work on my mountain bike for the past year has crystallized it for me. Now when I see people hauling ass down the sidewalk against the traffic in a business district, I cringe. When I'm stopped at a light in the left turn lane and a biker cruises up next to me and grunts hello and then toodles right across Mahan or Magnolia or Monroe weaving between the passing cars, I sigh and concur a bit with all the drivers that are waiting at the light watching the a-hole's blatant disregard for the law. When I hear of yet another bike-car collision my first gut reaction (before I know details) is not anger at the driver behind the wheel but conviction that the cyclist was probably not following best practices as I flash back to one of the many scenes I witnessed that week. That is sad but I'm afraid backed up by the stats. Only a small percentage of the bike-car collisions occur with cyclists following best practices. It took months of commuting before I became fully convinced that I am safer and feel safer riding in the lane on Monroe or Magnolia as opposed to riding on the sidewalk, especially against traffic and at a good clip. Now I consider myself a connoisseur of side-street routes and avoid riding on busy highways just like any fat tired friend but the fact is, if you commute on a bike and time is of essence then there are certain sections of town where you’ve got to get on a main artery and hang your ass out with the SUV’s for a few blocks at least.

We don't have to act completely like a car and stop at a red light if nobody is around. There are many times where it does make sense to hop on the sidewalk for a block or two or use the pedestrian crosswalk, etc. But if we want respect and if we want to play the statistics to improve our chance of survival, then we generally need to follow best practices and not flagrantly disobey the laws. We can't really expect respect if we don't show some respect.

Now you can rest those eyeballs because I'm sure they're sore by now.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I was afraid that I would appear insensitive when I posted this morning. I can claim no higher ground when it comes to rule breaking. I have taken stupid risks and rolled reds with the best of them. After the last two cyclists in town were hit, both cyclist error, I am determined to change my ways. It will be tough, and I will surely go back on my own promise, but I am going to try.
Thanks for the (always) wise words Sinks!

nicol said...

I did our ride of silence here in Lincoln. We had a pretty good showing, and it was a meaningful event for me as well.

I liked these quotes:

"We can't really expect respect if we don't show some respect." ~~~yep

"I think the single biggest thing we can all do is obey traffic laws and change the way the public views us. "~~~I agree, but I am so guilty of not doing that as consistently as I should.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

We are a flawed group... but that's why we are cool!

Anonymous said...

I too have been one of the rule rude riders, that was much of the fun at one time. Most major intersections hold my respect these days. Truth is I am probably just as bad in my truck as I am on my bike although I do absolutely follow the rules more now than in the past.

The Park Avenue and Parkway accident site are on my regular riding route. I feel those riders each time I go by and watch traffic just a little closer.