Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Consider Me Gone

Travel in my life has always occurred under the strangest of circumstances. So it is with some excitement, and trepidation, that I tell you, I will be out for a few days. My brother Davey is leaving Las Vegas and asked me to fly out and drive back east with him. Never one to to shy away from a Mongolian cluster f*#+ I agreed. I am sure the journey will be filled with epic scenarios, that even Dennis Hopper on acid, couldn't dream up.

We will try to hit the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest and see my ole pal in Santa Fe'. I am stoked to be knocking a few things off my bucket list, and worried about being off the bike this close to the BUMP and GRIND race in June, but I heard the knock and I'm off.

Please turn out the blog lights when you leave, and I will try to accumulate some stories and pictures from the road.

W.B.Z.N. (over and out)


Ms. Moon said...

Can't wait to hear the travel stories. Take notes. Be safe.

juancho said...

Somebody help me tear this place apart.

Magnum said...

bring it, but you'll have to do the heavy lifting

juancho said...

pass me that crowbar.