Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well. I am still sick, so I will be commenting on a variety of things I am looking to for inspiration.

First, my Mother, who was a first generation American Irishwoman, used to believe that there was nothing that couldn't be cured with tea, toast and a few Hail Mary's. I would like to add NyQuil to that list. If you can stand the peyote dreams. I would like to submit last nights dream for your interpretation;

I was watching three people in hoods, performing a pagan ritual on an oak tree, but it clearly had pine bark. They were in hooded robes and it was daylight. The woman next to me said, the second person in the ritual "favored" me. Please help, as I am still disturbed by the whole dream. All comments are encouraged, sarcastic, academic, and religious.

Kelly Slater, may clinch an unprecedented 9Th world surfing championship, if he wins The Billibong, at Jeffery's Bay, South Africa this week. He entered the first event as an obligation to his sponsor and won. Then he won the next two events, and decided to see how long the streak would last. Now with no intention of staying on the tour this year, he may win the title. He has a one thousand point advantage over some mouth breathing Australian. Unbefreakinleavable! This is kinda like Lance riding a parade lap and winning a time trial.

Someone just said "Fuck" on the live feed, of The Tour de France, other than a French rider wearing the Yellow, I think that's the funniest thing that could happen in the race!

Ta, Ta.



juancho said...

Donnie Osmond's reaction after that guy said f!ck was the best. You could see immediately that he knew someone was in for it.

The trails suck, you aren't missing anything. Go back to sleep.

BIGWORM said...

Yes they do!! After yesterday's sultry sweatfest, I may have retired my Mtn bike, or at least reduced it to one ride a week, for the summer. These afternoon rains just turn our trails into steamy, fog jungles.

jimbo said...

Sorry you are sick. . . .I'll keep you in our prayers. . You wil be out there terrorizing the trails in no time. . . with enough tea and toast. . .

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks all for your comments. It's good to see my bro lurking.
Not one of you BASTARDS! came to my aid on the dream. We can't have "your Mama" jokes everyday you know!

BIGWORM said...

Your Mama!