Monday, August 18, 2008


Every so often, I run into someone from one of my old lives. The old lives have many strata, like the walls of an ancient canyon. You can point to the years of good winters, the years of flood, and when the meteors came. That's where all the bones are. I am sometimes startled by someone that saw me play in the neolithic era. Some people remember me as a drummer. My favorite is when someone sees me as a singer. Questions are sometimes asked.

"Do you miss playing, will you ever play again?"

The answer is yes, so badly the ache is unbearable. I am haunted by melodies. I have rhythmic equations, with no answers.

The second part is a tad more complicated. Are there real musicians (my age) that aren't afraid to learn odd songs? Can they play sober? Is there a club where no one ever yells "Freebird" or "Brown Eyed Girl". Is there a place where no one ever drinks too much, and people sit at tables with candles and watch because they love music? Can we open with a "Snow Patrol" song (not the single) and then do Rickie Lee Jones' arrangement of "Just Walk Away Renee"? Will they let me sing "The Hallelujah"? Can we close every night with a bosa nova version of "Message In A Bottle"?

In my dreams there is a place. The men wear pressed shirts and vintage jackets. They are comfortable being smart. The women have clinging dresses, dangerous shoes, and beaded hand bags from thrift shops. There are twenty tables and you have to make reservations to get in. The staff is sophisticated and they know your drink. They never act aloof and they put your glass on small fabric napkins, with the clubs single letter logo. If you steal them no one minds, it's an unwritten rule. Every night someone is asked to sit in with the band. They are always great, and they never do more than two songs. You never know who might be in the house.

At some point in the evening, I will ask the crowd if this is heaven, and someone will answer:

"No... this is Tallahassee."

After three sets, everyone will wonder what was bothering them, earlier in the week. They will promise to come back. They will go to breakfast at the all night place on the corner, and they will sleep in late tomorrow.

Call me when it's open, I have just the jacket.



Ms. Moon said...

Wow. Brother B.- amazing.
I would get my old butt off the porch and go to that club. You bet! I have the bag. I have the dress.
I would love to hear you sing. I would love to hear you solve those equations.

Anonymous said...

Awsome! I want to go there and I want to hear that band play. A friend of mine has a similar vision; he wants to open such a place. He's there mentally, just not financially. You two should meet.

The problem is, and it's always our zone to put in the problem, that Tally is small pond and a club like that would be a uniquely big fish, thus, swarmed by an irritating crowd of small-fish folks trying to make the scene instead of enjoy it. Cafe Cabernet got dressed for that paradigm, but... Don at Waterworks is probably the best attempt, but...

However, those places do exist in tiny backwaters such as Florence, Barthelona, and Montreal. I'm willing to move for ya, man, seriously! I don't have the jacket, but man I've got the hat!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

It's funny you metnion the Cafe'. My brother was the original owner. Before that he owned the Cab Stand. In both cases people said Tallahasse wouldn't support it. Now look at mid town it's all gitchy and metropolitan.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. But I still miss Kent's.

Anonymous said...

yes, although I don't go much anymore (can't afford it, and trying to minimize drinking) the Cafe was a nice beginning. The crowd now is often misguidedly pretentious.

I applaud your brother's venture to move from Cab Stand to Caf Cab, a good leap.

So, has anyone noticed the tennessee strip renovation-I bet that will be just what you're looking for WB.

juancho said...

You must have missed my post about Tony Starlight's Supper Club in PDX. I can get you a two song sit-in when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

the sucker club exists, it's in SoMo.

You guys should get out more, and bring your 9mil.

nicol said...

Dang. I want to go to this place too.

reverend dick said...

That sounds like a real fine time.

I can't promise I'd NEVER yell "Freebird", though.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Rev you always crack me up and that post about the stolen bike was hilarious!