Monday, August 11, 2008

Strange Things

This is the ride from Saturday. Another six hour epic. A lot of damn funny stuff happened but, I am depending on a blog from Big Worm, so I will leave the details to him.

I have finally emerged from my self imposed post vacation funk. All it took was some quality time on the bike with pals, to get me back on track. I get by with a little help from my friends.

Still a little slow at work so, I finally opened a free trial. I was looking at the profiles and wondered if I should fill one out. You have a couple options when doing this: 1. Pump it up a little, using terms like "director of operations" and "blessed with my beautiful wife, and gifted kids" then post a ten year old picture of yourself, pretending you are well preserved. 2. State the brief facts, with little or no emotion. I opted for door number two. I was really hoping to find one posted by an ex jock, after a three day bender, that went something like this:

Greetings from the class of 81! I am an old, over weight, balding, car salesman in a midlife crisis, and I got on classmates to catch up! Whoo! Go Cobras! Well I don't look as good as I used to but, I just got divorced and I am ready to go line dancing! Email me!

In my mind Will Ferrell plays the lead, and falls down half way through the speech. I didn't find anything like that. The 120 pound weakling I was in high school, is still holding out hope. It's a sick dream I know, but it's Monday, and it's all I got.



Ms. Moon said...

And you gotta take what you can get.

AucillaSinks said...

These six hour epics are getting old hat for your crew. Bike Church ain't got nothing on yuse guys. Are you training for the Colla Rolla?

I signed up for the trial and now I get emails daily about people looking at my profile and signing my guest book only I can't view my guest book unless I fork out $40 to become a GoldMember and that ain't gonna happen I don't care how many old girlfriends are checking up on me though I think it's bullshit I can't view my own guestbook. And as long as I don't give them my credit card the nature of those profile visits stays in line with my imagination.

nicol said...

That's quite the ride. I feel so lazy now, since I only went out riding for two hours, Saturday.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Yeah I can ride for six hours but can I look at who signed my guest book on NOOOOOO!

juancho said...

I think you need to write us some more profiles.

Bounce said...

Man, I've gotta say...

looking back to the high-school days is a definite sign... a BAD one. lol

I couldn't care less about ANY of the morons I went to HS with (or college for that matter).

I heard that the little Miss Popular of my HS is still a teller in a bank.

One of the guys from my class is a short order cook. He was moving up the ranks in the admin of a local hospital and he busted TWO drug tests. Now, he's screwed.

I don't know what YOUR old posse is like, but there is nothing for me to look back to. There is nothing back there that interests me.

Believe me, we're better off getting on the bike and looking forward to the next six-hour epic ride.

It's better for your health (both physical and mental).