Sunday, September 28, 2008

One On One

I was scrolling through some old posts tonight. I sometimes find comments I missed the first time around. It's kind of like pulling a ten spot out of some jeans, fresh from the dryer. I looked back on the dark slump I went through. It all seems like a distant memory and I have the bike, my friends, and family to thank, for dragging me through. I am back in the world I love, with only a tiny bit of residual grouchiness on the edges. The cool temps, and the fall filter on my lens, have my old world looking new. I have logged five days of riding this week, and all the preps made for tomorrows ride. Now if I could just sleep.

Lil' W.B. and I headed out to Tom Brown this morning. We made a stop on the way at GBS, for a rear hub adjust on L.W.B.'s Haro. He did a test ride on a 15" Giant. I had a flash to him taking off the training wheels, and I said out loud, "Man, how can he be big enough for that bike?"

Justin replied, "Ya I know, it seems like yesterday I was selling you those little five speed Gary Fishers!"

It's funny how those moments creep up on you, and make you aware of the time flowing by.

We had a splendid ride, and the weather was fine. We rode home listening to the radio, with all the windows down, and the sun roof open. L.W.B. wants to race this year, and told me he will: "Probably sit in so he doesn't miss a turn, and then just pass at the end and win it."
Not one shred of doubt or sarcasm (that I could see) on his face. A little tear formed in my eye, as I realized the world had another W.B. to deal with. We talked about what kind of cars he likes, and his middle school drum line. He's kind of quiet like his Mom, and these times of brisk conversation, are rare gold flakes in the stream.

All in all, it's a pretty good life I have, and yeah, I still want more. I like where I am. I like looking back at where I have been. I have some big questions about where I am going. I can't escape this feeling that years pass in moments, and lifetimes are lived in seconds. The hours are spent looking back.



juancho said...

I'll tell you where you are going-


Ms. Moon said...

I loved that one. I purely loved it.

nicol said...

Those are the kind of quality days that promote earned, peaceful sleep.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Shucks Juancho, I am sooo slow, I wouldn't even be able to see you back there.

Thanks Sister Moon, Nic, Juancho is sooo mean and I NEVER do anything to make him act that way. Weird.

juancho said...

that's ok, as you will see from my latest post- karma acts swiftly.

Magnum said...

Awesome post, but Hall and Oats?

I'm still riding the 5-speed; I guess I should upgrade too.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Your a bitch girl!

Magnum said...

and now,
You've gone too far

nicol said...

Ha! That song is now in my head for the rest of the day, HWB.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Well you know it don't matter anyway.
(bitch girl, whooo wout whooo)