Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have a history of what we used to call "Barging". It's a Dogtown term I picked up from the mags in the seventies. Since we had no parks and most ramps we built were torn down or just plain crappy, we had a habit of throwing our legs over clearly marked fences. We skated pools and we used to skate the roofs of newly built houses before they tar papered them. We also cut fences and skated some twenty foot pipes at the nuclear power plant in St. Lucie. Every so often they would catch us and we would give them names of famous skaters. I was Jay Adams twice, and Tony Alva once.

I have parked illegally to surf North Jetty Park when I was broke, and I have paddled across the inlet to catch reef road, from the private Colonnades property.

On a very memorable night ride, we were chased by an angry land owner though the connector with our lights off, running blind to the power line. It was the best ride ever.

In the the immortal words of Chris Stevens, from K- Bear in the morning;
"Nothing is sweeter than five finger candy!"

I am sure I will have to pay a fine someday, but by my count, I am ahead.



AucillaSinks said...

Oh my, I would never trespass!

reverend dick said...

Great minds, apparently.

nicol said...


Anonymous said...

A long time ago, when MTBing was new in these parts, there were only double rut truck roads, streambeds, power lines to ride and maybe a deer trail, and they were all on the other side of the fence.

Fortunately, a good friend, the Godfather (in these parts) of MTBing and his Mike Sinyard first 500 batch Specialized StumpJumper lead us 2nd tier riders. (StumpJumper Sport) into this lifestyle of dirt surfing, animal tracking, nature observing, hunter avoiding
(I’ve been drawn down on twice: the Computer Tutor power lines and the “secret” Ravine Trail) and yes, herb smoking.
So now, as a veteran guide, I sometimes bail when a particular fence hop just doesn’t quite feel right.
But I’ll always prefer to ramble down some clay rut power line at a balls to the wall pace chasing (or being chased), than to go round and a round on some “experience trail” not really going anywhere or building lifelong memories with my best comrades.
Surf on WB

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I am packing right now for a pre- swell surf assault on P.C.
I still wish I had bought a used stump jumper in 93 that came my way. I really wanted it but, I didn't have the two hundred bucks. I needed a new cymbal. I think about it all the time, the guy selling it rode with the Revolutions crew I ride with now. I probably could have slid in eight years earlier than I did.
I shoulda jumped that fence!

juancho said...

don't forget every single lap of Overstreet usually involves a fee unpaid.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

See it's goes so deep once you start thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Just came from PC (without my damn board!!!!)
Should be nice at Andrew's, enjoy, but make sure you read the signs blocking the scenery-two red flags mean no body in the water.

bastards!(had to steal that)

Anonymous said...
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