Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Budapest By Blimp

I hung out with my producer friend yesterday. We talked about all our mistakes, triumphs and analyzed each other. We told war stories and then went down the rabbit hole to our mutual friends house, Paul Tamanian. He an abstract artist and person. As you approach his house the hallucinations start. There is excellent art (his and others) everywhere and his house moderne' and it's contents are a mini vacation for the senses. He has very eclectic taste in music and usually plays a couple hours of things I have never heard. It always sends me to Itunes to run up my card.

Bringing John over there is like giving fireworks to a room full of eighth graders with lighters and cappuccino's. As long as you have the ability to stand back and remain uninvolved, the show is quite good.

On all fronts I have cool friends. Some are famous...poor Bastards.

I haven't ridden a bike since Sunday, I have to remedy that.

I have plenty of video of their phonetic boxing match, but unless I get thousands of comments, or a check from one of the perps, I am not posting them



nicol said...

Here's one of the thousands of comments you'll get. First off, I think I hear your bike crying. Better go check. :) Also, I am curious what he is firing in the photo?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

He calls them bottles. They are made of aluminium, they are very cool...Google Baby!

Ms. Moon said...

I liked that post! It's good to have friends. Cool friends, especially.

juancho said...

Why is that special needs kid watching that broken TV in a field?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

okay now it's a kabillion posts before I show the video.

Sure, no addaboy for the race but you are at the front of the line to call me a tard.


Fat Lad said...

don't listen to the nasty Man T. I didn't find any of your needs particuarly needs special whilst I was with you

Fat Lad

Anonymous said...

Oh sure. Take his side. Now you are all best friends while poor Juancho sits it out by the curb. BASTARDS!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks Fl...
I love me some Juancho, I think it's awesome how he waits for really slow guys at out of town trails, acts local, and then blogs about how he "kicked their asses".
Am I mad that he's a better writer than I am?