Wednesday, October 29, 2008

People Get Ready

I don't air my specific political views much. I don't feel as though I am qualified to inflict my preferences on people. I think it is a complicated subject and that the people that have to do the jobs we vote them into, have more to deal with than the public ever knows about. I don't really go for blanket statements about either side, even though (in moments of weakness) I make generalizations, it's hard for me to believe people are bad or good, based on what team they cheer for.

I voted today. The line was long and it was colder than I expected. I was a fly on the wall and managed to escape without being drawn into any specific conversations. Everyone seemed to be mindful of the fact that others around them may not share their views and were careful not to offend. A man and woman a few spots up from me were talking. She clearly for one candidate, he for another. She said some things I thought were a little off base, and he said some things that put him in a definite category. Neither were saying anything of any real substance. Then they found a common subject they were both very passionate about. They had both adopted children from other countries. They discussed the challenges they faced, and it seemed to me they could be friends. When his time to vote came he wished her good luck, and she thanked him for saving the brother and sister he had adopted. They had both done something I could never have the strength or conviction to do, and I found myself admiring them. It's one thing to talk, and quite another to act.

It looks as though all the early voting records for Florida will be broken this week. There is room for everyone in line. Please go vote.



Anonymous said...

that's sweet

I can't wait to stomp the other side into the dirt, grind them in, ridicule their very existence, and then roar to the heavens in hubris. They are stupid, mean, greedy, and probably abuse their furriner kids.

unnh! Blanket statements unite!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Ya me too. I was trying to be nice. Thanks for outting me ya....

Ms. Moon said...

Ah, that was a nice story and I don't care what Magnum said. I like it when my preconceptions are proved wonky. Although...anyone who votes for a Republican in this election has his head up his ass.
Just saying.
And oh yeah- I'm going to go vote in Monticello tomorrow. Can't WAIT!

Anonymous said...

ha! knew it, bunch of liberals. My head fits well up there, so that's where it's staying