Saturday, October 11, 2008

On The Eve Of Destruction

Something happens to men and boys when they compete. It doesn't matter if it's darts or Normandy, once the game face is on's on. I realized something was wrong with me when I drove in a go cart race for charity. I was on the last lap when another driver and I, entered a chicane with a hay bale lined, one lane exit. I got the line and turned to look at the face of my rival as he went in to the barrier. It was clear I had a problem.

Luckily I am not alone. I found a bunch of like minded wacko's when I started riding with the "Chain Gang". We have some game faces on that won't be off till about noon tomorrow. There is absolutely nothing at stake. No boundaries, no foreign oil, no one avenging a fathers death, just the oldest and dearest cause of them all: bragging rights.

I can hear the announcer dude now:

"In a world where beginners do two laps, the corners are soft, the hills are long, and the stakes are high, friends will roll to line and risk it all."

Tums anyone?

*Photo by Trail Gnome*


mw said...

Good job Terry. You had an awesome race. "Chain Gang" - I like that.

Ms. Moon said...

How'd it go?