Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whipping Boy

I slid out of work early yesterday. I was fresh from a day off and it made perfect sense to my Wrecking Ball brain to take another half day. Mr. and Mrs. Sinks (two of the most zen like, naturally happy people on the planet), Big Worm, the guests of honor, Mr and Mrs. Lad and I (one of these things is not like the others), met at Cabos for lunch. I ate lite fearing an impending legectomy with Sinks and Mr. Lad at Tom Brown. We tried in vain to get Worm to ditch work but, he is not as easily swayed as I had hoped. Tacos and Burritos were soon devoured and it was time to venture out to the woods.

We strolled down Fern and I suggested that Mr. Lad and Sinks go for a spin through T.B. while I escorted Mrs. Lad down the paved path. We saw a little turtle and Mrs. Lad took tons of pics. At the entrance to Cadillac we came upon the heavy breathing duo and proceeded onto the trail. Again I suggested that the lad and Sinks head up Caddy and I would protect Mrs. Lad from bandits on the multi use trail. By the time we got to the levy Sinks had done his best "aw shucks" on the Lad and I was fully digested and and fresh legged. Mrs. Lad took some pics of the local flora and a little gator cruised by to give our wilderness a little credibility.

The Lad and I bid adieu to Sinks and Mrs. Lad as they headed back, and I took the lad for a run out to Alford Arm and the Bucket Loop. We made our way back to the car and after taking The Lad and Ladette to the bike shop, we parted with plans to meet at Cool Beans for the Lads birthday dinner.

Dinner was all I hoped it would be. The food, service and repartee was top drawer. Ms. Worm (bitter from being a Tampa Rays fan) gave me a beat down as though I owed her rent. All in fun, and one whom frequently dishes cannot complain when the serving hits HIS plate. I took my beating and even through I landed a few ill placed, half hearted jabs, I never really made it off the canvas. Well played Madame Worm!

We went off to have a few at Finnegan's Wake, where I took every opportunity to derail any sensible conversation towards the absurd. Mr. and Mrs, Lad were very patient with our "what's a lemon called in England?" line of questioning and fun was had by all...mostly at the expense of my height deficiency, and the the barrage of comedy from Ms. Worm.

The highlight of the evening for me was being honored with an official "Bad Brains MTB Club" jersey from our fair cousins of the British Isles. I shall wear it proudly and slay all enemies of the crown.

Gentleman in England now a bed, shall think themselves a cursed they were not here, and hold their manhood's cheap, whilst any speaks, that hung out with us............ ON FAT LADS BIRTHDAY!!!!



Ms. Moon said...

Brother B-
mmerluna at aol dot com
Write me and I'll give you my phone number.

nicol said...

Looks like good times there in Tally. Glad the token gator came out to show himself to Mrs. Lad while you were taking a wilderness tour. You have to see a gator if you're in Florida!

Mrs Fat Lad said...

Continuing with the 'Lemon' style questions....

What is the difference between a Sheriff and the Police in this neck of the woods?

A confused Mrs Fat Lad

Magnum said...

either way, a friendly "why you messing with us, Pig?" while reaching for the gun is considered polite.

Fat Lad said...

good times man good times. Starting to write up all my rides now

Fat Lad

hitops said...

I have surfaced from work, but perhaps too late? Have the Lads shoved off? Many regrets. If there's yet a chance tomorrow (Friday)for a meet and greet, let me know. Juancho and Sasquatch have my number.

Anonymous said...

You are reading your Deepak W.B., aren't you?

Ms. Sinks

mw said...

Sheriff = county cop/pig/popo
Police = city cop/big/popo

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