Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stuck In The Middle With You

There are some smart people that ride mountain bikes in this city. They all want the same thing, they just like some trails more than others. Cycling draws in a vast cross section of individually minded folks that might not be in the same room if the cycling thread didn't connect them. They came, they spoke, they were tolerant and promised to donate their time for the greater good of our sport and its venues. There is scepticism, because some have been staring in this movie (I just joined) for years, and they haven't been able to fix the script. I hope if we fail, that we at least get closer for the next group, and that passionate people take the flag and move forward. Progress is hard, but I find it motivating and inspirational that so many veterans came back to the table, even though history has not been kind to this local cause.

The experience I have wouldn't fill a thimble, but I am impressed by the first step, the pioneers and new talent that were in that room last night.

So we're letting go of the brakes and rolling into the technical section now......pick a line, commit, and ride down the trail.

(*insert motivational phrase about first steps here, with picture to match phrase*)

p.s. thanks for all the support while I am shedding my skin....don't worry the skin is new but (sorry) it's just the same old snake.


Magnum said...

I hope there is some multi-use on those trails, like paintball wars! That would be Sweet!

Am I a clown or a joker?

BIG JIM said...

BUMP in Birmingham and OMBA in Ocala will be good role models for what we are trying to accomplish here.

juancho said...

two of my favorites Big Jim. If we need motivation, we should recruit that Rudy kid.

JAWS said...

*insert motivational phrase about first steps here...

"a thousand mile journey begins with one step."