Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Long And Winding Road

Here's what I learned on this trip to Dauset and Thomaston, that I didn't know before.

1. Riding in the mud and rain is actually cool and fun once you decide to do it.

2. Worm is technically better than you or I think he is.

3. Big Jim Slade is a way better climber and rider than he or we thought. He's also has a crazy, dark, angry side (thank God).

4. I am not as good a climber as I thought I was.

5. I am not as mentally tough as I thought I was.

6. Our local trails ain't shit.

7. Tyler (not Tailor) has more to complain about than just about anyone on the planet, and never does.

8. You can always eat more if you just apply yourself.

9. Some hotel maintenance guys take their duties very, VERY, seriously.

10. If you bribe a guy to do your laundry in an industrial machine, it gets REALLY clean.....FAST!

11. You can wash the orange out of Costelli shami's.

12. Zack is more awesome than he thought he was.

13. Derwood can make more noises asleep, than he does when he's awake.

14. Just because they have great BBQ in Macon doesn't mean you get to eat it.

15. It's very cool to watch DVDs while you drive.

16. Iron Man is a kick ass movie.

Pics tomorrow.



Little Ball said...

Awesome trip! when we doin it again? Five guys? and you owe me three dollars!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I forgot!
You deserve it for knowing Janis Joplin!

nicol said...

Regarding #11: I would think that oranges would be a little too acidic to be putting anywhere near the chamois.

BIG JIM said...

Those climbs hurt and I'm still sore today. When can we do that again?