Monday, July 25, 2011

Secret Of Life

When I bought my first bike (twelve years ago this week) I tried to commute everyday. I used Fern Trail as my route. On dark mornings I held a Dewalt flashlight and later Velcro'd it to the bars. I wore surf baggies, hiking boots and cotton T's. I will never forget how hard core I felt, pumping out 30 miles a week.

What a life saving habit cycling has turned out to be. Since those halcyon days, I have bought eleven bikes (for my family and I) and became a junky. I took my kids out, walking behind them at first, then riding in the granny gear for years. My oldest gave it up early (after realizing he couldn't stand the sound of my advice) and is now a swimmer. My youngest has the bug and now drops his old man on a regular basis.

After getting lapped by the entire cycling community at the Dirty Thirty dirt crit last night, I figure its time I merge into traffic again. Number one sons car blew up and he and I are sharing my car. He needs to swim early and get to his lifeguard gig so I tossed him the keys and I will be commuting until further notice.

Even though I got my ass whipped last night, it was my first five day week with ten hours of saddle time. I was really shocked how slow I was last night and to be honest, it took a while to shake it. It is always better to think you suck and find out you are fast. Thinking you are in shape and getting rocked, is a little tougher to choke down. Still, I am going to call this week a victory. I have only been back on the bike four months, and I never thought I'd ever get back to where I am now.

Point it down the trail or road, throw a leg over, and turn the pedals. Say something supportive when you come around on the right.



Herringbone said...

I'm new...but...way to go.... keep it going!..Hope this is in line and helps.

mungaM said...

tossed the keys to the kid, eh? AND hopped on the bike as backup? You are quite the dad!
If you see me on my bike, feel free to pass with authority 'cause I'm definitely still the weakest link around. I can't even pass the thong guy!

nicol said...

HWB- 10 hours this week is impressive. I feel like am starting all over again on the bike, so you are way ahead of me. Great job this week!

Mungs- is there really a guy who rides around in a thong?! haha! (Well, it IS extremely hot there in the sum-sum-summertime.)

WheelDancer said...

Eddie Merckx asked his secret and he replied "Ride lots." I follow this advice and find it soothes my spirit and ten hours a week is pretty good.

Jeff said...

Pretty awesome if you ask me (which you didn't).

Keep it pointed down the trail and the pedals spinning. Winning is a state of mind not a stat on a time sheet.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks Herringbone.
Mag, why would you pass the thong guy...what a view.
Nic, git yo ass in da saddle!!!!
WD. Eddie said, "Lots"? Thats strikes me as odd. He probably rode in his sleep.
Jeff, I'm doing because I love it. I will never be fast. But getting lapped ain't going to work for me!