Monday, June 4, 2012

In A Lifetime

It's not often I recognize magic while it happens. I'm a good one for getting the point of it all days later. I'm a good one for looking back. This weekend was full of moments in the now, that filled my soul.

It was a rare and precious few days where we all hovered above the tedium and never awoke from the dream. It was like everything was going to be alright forever.

My cup overflows.

Every so often, I realize the light is good, and I get the picture.



Ms. Moon said...

Perfect. And congratulations to all!

nicol said...

I am glad you hovered and enjoyed it all. It's even cooler when you recognize something at the time that this is huge & something you'll look back on someday with fine, could-have-been-overlooked details in your memory.

Magnum said...

The light is good.

If you found that bike in the woods, you should keep it; it looks nice.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

...And it was just right.

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