Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Game.

I suppose like most great endeavors, it started innocently with good intentions. I never really saw the ramifications or any need to change my life. I assumed I could be who I always was and live life as I always had. A regular Joe in a regular world.
The demands crept in slowly and the metamorphosis was not noticeable at first. The perks and prestige began to corrupt at a slow enough pace. A good table here, a free drink there, a wink from the door man as he lowered the velvet rope. Did I enjoy it, who wouldn't? I was seduced and I felt as though all my hard work had paid off.
I could never give them enough of what they wanted. The pressure began to overwhelm me. They would never be satisfied. They would only ask for more.
I was surrounded by a lot off people I thought were cool, but slowly I realized they all wanted something from me. Little things would come up in conversations like:
"That would be a funny thing for your blog!"
It was fine for a while and then a few fans showed up at my house. (Google bastards!) My kids couldn't ride the bus anymore. We had to hire a Israeli body guard. Clearly things had gone beyond normal. I had no idea how I got here, or where to go now.
The blog business is not for the faint of heart. You are only as good as your last blog. I found myself wondering as John Lennon had about; "Getting off the merry go round."
Maybe I just had to, as he did:
"Let it go."
I can't say I was totally naive. I knew it was a dog eat dog, or... dog doesn't comment on dog's blog, world. You can't come out of a whore house and say you didn't feel loved. We all knew why we were here.
I stand before you a broken man, at the crossroads of the blog world. Do I shake hands with the devil or go back to who I was, if that's possible? I would like to say I am sorry but alas ....who would listen.


john said...

Not me, I'll be golfing.


I read it. Well, I didn't read all of it. Actually, I didn't read any of it, but I did feel bad for not reading what you wrote.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Funny. How do you feel about snakes?

juancho said...

Feed your insatiable audience!

AucillaSinks said...

When the Paparazzi come knocking on my door I can say yeah, I started reading his blog the first week he started it. I viewed his profile when less than a hundred others had. I've seen him in skin tights deep in the woods. But that's all I'm saying! Your dirt will be safe with me W.B.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks for keepin it real yall!