Saturday, February 23, 2008

Check It Bu uh ddy

The Blog's have been getting kind of heavy lately, and I'm not just talking about the picture of Juancho. I know nothing makes my friends happier than pointing at me and laughing so ya go kids. I am always willing to dive on a hand grenade, if it helps.
Oh yeah, that's a Fiero Gt. Yes, I am rockin a mullet that would make John Cougar pause. You bet, my jeans are rolled up tight on the Nike's. Black shirt, standard band issue. About six hours after this picture was taken I was at Bullwinkles holding a Budweiser over my head and singing "Fire Woman" by The Cult.
Tip your bartenders and waitresses, there workin hard for ya! We'll be here all week.....GOODNIGHT!


Ms. Moon said...

Good picture. I was about to accuse you of being a photographer for the witness protection program.
You were very cute. Did we ever date?
Oh wait, no. I never dated a drummer.

juancho said...

You will pay for that.

I'm patient.

Sweet crotch shot!

Anonymous said...

whoa! can you say, POUR SUM SHUGAR ON MEYYYYY!?

RickySilk said...

That mullet is sweet. You should grow one again for old times sake.

Adam said...

Rock the Mullet bro!
I saw some pics of me late 80's the other day...had to laugh and add em to facebook!