Friday, February 22, 2008

Juancho Won't Go

Yet another blurry picture from the evidence bin.

Jauncho threw himself on the ground and refused to move. I didn't let him watch Sponge Bob for a week.

Let that be a lesson to ya Mister!



Fat Lad said...

Nope, that's bigfoot. Or Lord Lucan. Anything is more believable than the big man out on his steed...

Fat Lad

BIGWORM said...

That's exactly how I remember Juancho. All pout, no ride!
I'm just glad somebody's busting him up with embarrassing photos. He's done it to me, all too often!

juancho said...

What's embarassing abouot that? I look f*cking sexy.

I won't go and you can't make me!

BIGWORM said...

Attaboy! Stick to your convictions, Juancho!
I'll be thinking about you guys this weekend....while I'm riding Dauset!