Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it me?

I have always tried to abide by the rules (most of the time). I yeild to horses, hikers and I have tried not to yell at people with dogs off leashes. All of this is part of my plan to leave a smaller jerk footprint.
I have worked on Cadillac re-routes twice in the last five years. I attended city council meetings for Tom Brown, and the first Fat of the Land meeting, (sorry I missed the last one, I have a note from a doctor). I am not the most active guy in the community, but I put in an effort.
I have been trying to drink the kool aid with everyone else, that Cadillac is better now. I do think that some of it is good. I was really hoping for more. There was talk of rocks being brought in, Whistler trail features, and I worried if I'd be able to ride some of the stuff.
Thursday, I saw a stroller on the trail. Friday it was a older woman on a cruiser (not that there is anything wrong with that). Saturday a family of six was standing in one of the fastest sections. I am not sure you would see that at Santos or Oak Mountain. People that go there know they are mountain bike trails and that some parts are tough to navigate.
I am thankful for our trails and the people doing all the hard work to keep them new, fresh and open to cyclists. I am also disappointed that the trail was "mainstreamed" for a wider group of people to use, when there is so much mulit use trail out there.


RickySilk said...

I've heard this from others too. That the new trail is inviting for non-cyclists. Predictions of trail congestion have been made.

I still havn't ridden it, so I can't speak.

juancho said...

Yep, public discourse and collective decision-making consistently drive towards the lowest common denominator. what scares me is the thought that these stroller pushing bitches will start complaining that the rest of Cadillac is "unwalkable" and then the dozer will be in there scraping it clean.

Good times!

you know where I stand: The less organized the better.

Magnum said...

See what happens when you call it the "Cadillac" trail, should've called it the "primer-gray chevette" trail.

Multi-use = liability, so don't hit any of them SPB's or they'll be suing.

Robot Army, OUT

juancho said...

Excellent. The RA works just like I planned!

On to the next blog-destroy!

BIGWORM said...

Wrecking Ball speaks the truth! This past saturday, we came to full death grip raging brake stands, twice, in a half mile section of Cadillac. Both times it was families with 3-5 kids running along the trail. Now Cadillac has always been one of the tougher trails, but I'm not sure that it's coincidence that the trail congestion magically appeared just after the super hyped trail remod. IMBA had us building aggravation obstacles at the trail entrances in order to set the tone for the whole trail.(ie. If you don't like this obstacle, stay off this trail, as there is more to follow.) Aucilla sinks keeps talking me off the ledge, but I don't think the summer growth season can get here soon enough this year, so that we can see if Mother Nature narrows our new superhighway to non-stroller width once again.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Another thing that needs to be addressed is signage telling people not to remove logs (like we have seen on other trails). People have cut logs out of Caddy more than once. Ask Worm how many times he has put obstacles back in place. I still think people can walk on things they don't have the chops to ride. Signs can be put in technical places (like Oak Mountain has) warning people to dismount before they get hurt. There are options that have not been used, and I just hope someone is looking out for those us that earned our tough lines.

sasquatch said...

So, you mean a dozer can actually scrape a trail clean, like get rid of roots and rocks and sticks and stuff?

That just sounds like southern hospitality.

Larry said...

Speak Up Sometime: How do yall think ole' Chuck should spend the rest of that 100-200 grand towards city park trails? That W.Keen new section was 15grandish.

Ask and ye may receivey