Sunday, February 17, 2008

Red Dragon Dammit!

Credit is due where credit is due. Bike Chain wheelie dropped the end of Cadillac today. Which was cool but, the ensuing adrenaline dump, and the super hero powers he had for the next hour were priceless.

So here's to you Red Dragon, nice one Bro! I am a supporter of the grand gesture. The heads were shaking, the boys were laughing, and we all did stupid shit trying to make ourselves feel better that we didn't ride that drop.

Logs were rolled, balance beems were parked on, then ridden, (by some of us sorry M-dub). End of the day, and you can't imagine how queezy this makes me, Bike Chain (.com-visit often-) won the day.

There I said it.

Ba, Bye, now



Ms. Moon said...

What's with all this bike talk? Jeez.

ksurf said...

Just signed on and saw the El Salvador pic. Holy Crap, even if it is shot 5 miles away and grainy, it's you, dude. I would know that "show the crotch, perma stance" anywhere. Good wave and nice shot. Next time you head to central america, bring me and a bigger lense.

"Drop the Chain, Log roll and balance beams?!" Come'on, dude. Back to the "Off-the-lips, Varial 360s and barrel rolls." Jax, your brother and your conscience is calling.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks K.
My brother Dennis took that shot from our bedroom window, shooting through the glass. He had waited to get a shot of me, closed the window, then I got a wave. That break is way out on a point and the place we were staying is a half mile from the paddle out place. The wave is called "Sunzal". Easy point break with a big take off. After that it's an easy 300 yards of as many cut backs as your legs can handle. It was mushy that day but still big.
Hows that Ms. Moon? Not one bike reference!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

One other thing. I bought that board in 91 in Hawaii (thanks Ksurf!). 6'8" tight round pin, safest bet in the board bag. Stiff and stable, it'll get you to the bottom and around the first section everytime!

Ms. Moon said...

Speak English!
Or include a glossary of frequently used terms.
Or, well, I could just keep reading and wait until you write about music and/or general life. I'm more at ease with the vocabulary used in those subjects.
I'm patient.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

To speak of surfing is both highly technical and also very artistic. No one can really explain it. If you surf you just nod or laugh, if it is spoken correctly. There are many practioners that don't really know the language they just picked up a couple terms. I always imagine it's like not being a musician and listening to jazz players talking about their last set.
Sean Penn once said that when he died all he wanted on his tombstone was his name and then the word "surfer" after it. It's that big a deal if you are a surfer.
It all seems dramatic but right now surfing is the itch I can't scratch. It's probably why I am riding so much.
So in a way I am talking about life. Sorry, I am sure it will lead somewhere, to some story, that will resonate.