Sunday, March 2, 2008


I have been riding quite a bit since August. Usually this means there is a race or event at the end of the rainbow. Not this time. This is about a period of time, when I was off the bike. I had cervical fusion neck surgery in April of last year. I couldn't exercise at all for four weeks. I spent the next six weeks on my stationary trainer. Ten weeks in, I was allowed to ride on the road. The second week of August, I was given the okay to ride in the woods. Before all this happened, I had the luxury of sitting in a recliner for eighteen days. Things like sleeping in bed, and not being awake at three in the morning, were out of reach. I thought about all the riding I missed when I was healthy. I made a promise to myself that wouldn't happen again.

Big Worm was my trainer for San Felasco this year, and we averaged six days a week. We rode in mud, light rain, whatever. We found ways to get the miles in. We had a few weeks of really bad weather and that made us adopt a new policy. If the sun was out, we were riding. You never know when the rain is coming.

I got a cold today. It's been coming on for a few days. Denial didn't stop the onset. I rode five days this week but, there were some lite days, and I took Tuesday and Friday off. My abusive inner monologue started in on me. I listened, for a time, then I remembered the recliner, Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, and the three a.m. T.V. schedule.

A little cold is not so bad. I had a good run of luck. I am going to try to settle in and enjoy the ride.

W.B. Zipper Neck


Magnum said...

A little adventure with Rick and T.C. always helps settle the abusive inner-Higgins in us all.
Now get back on the trail dammit!

juancho said...

Sleep. Eat and sleep like a veal calf.