Friday, May 2, 2008

This Must Be The Place

I finally found the home of the trail Gnome. It's in plain sight, but you'll never find it. He has been fixing bridges, leveling out trails, and putting 4x4 balance beams all over the place. I caught sight of him trying to talk a hapless traveler into a coma tonight. Poor bastard had a flat. The gnome parked his Puglsey right near him, and started weaving his spell. Just before the guys eyes rolled back in his head, I gave him a tube and sent him on his merry way. I tried to get a shot of the lil guy but he went in his house, and slammed the door.
Well, he does good work. He takes a lot of pictures to prove it, so for now the location of his lair is safe with me. If he ever starts talking about the proper tool for a drainage ridge again....all bets are off!


bikechain said...

This is what riding alone will do to you. bikechain

Andrew said...

This one door allows for far too many jokes. May your blog not endure my presence for too long Senor T.C.

When I get back from med school I'm gonna demand that I check your prostate.

Goodner out.

Anonymous said...

I think this gnome lives down at the Natural Bridge. Maybe this is a vacation get away?

juancho said...

I know that gnome. I was too slow to ride away from him at the Felasco 50. Excruciating.

Anonymous said...

so i guess nobody got the talking heads reference

juancho said...

Who in the hell are the Talking Heads?

Anonymous said...

this is not my beautiful Gnome, my god! what have I done?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

close...."home, it's where I want to be, pick me up and turn me round..."
The title is a song title, as are most of the other titles.
Why do I even bother...I can't work like this!