Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back On The Chain Gang

Four of us met, to ride on Sunday
We invited more, but only four came to play
Slade has a list, of the things for the ride
it's all in arranged, and neatly inside

Juancho rode well, not in front or in back
his shorts are transparent, and you can see his crack!

In the woods there are bears, that love to eat berries
when they get hungry, they get kind of scary

Worm navigated, so no one had to choose
Slade in second, then Juancho
I was the lantern rouge!

That's me breathing heavy
not to be dramatic.
I really can't help it
I'm an Irish asthmatic!

We all had fun, and weren't shot by guns

we out ran the rain, and then we were done!



juancho said...

Now that is some grade-a adventure journalism. Who is the big chicano in the Mexican Flag jersey?

He's hot.

Magnum said...

He is hot, he says.
Well, he looks more damp than hot.
But, he is ahead.

RickySilk said...

I don't care what ya'll say.. that's the best trail in town!!!!!! (right now)

juancho said...

Best trail in town? For what?

Miss Maybelle said...

Juancho IS hot, though I couldn't see through his shorts and was mighty disappointed. I especially liked the footage of the berry picking. It kind-of looked like you guys were eating grass. Maybe you were, maybe you weren't, I'm just saying what it looked like.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I was privy to the chasm, and through I don't share your enthusiasm I was changed forever by the experience.
I am totally prepared to kick in for some new Castelli's.