Thursday, June 26, 2008

Born To Be Wild

My lust for the west still has a hold on me. After reading all Neil Pearts books on motorcycle touring, I have been thinking about the idea of a cross country trek on a BMW F650GS. I have always considered motorcycles an accident looking for a good place to happen, but I am easily swayed by things I read or watch on T.V., so I am hitting the idea up against the wall.
I haven't considered any information based in reality or logic. I am just mentally kicking tires. It's either that or chew gum. I have noticed that sometimes these crazy ideas take root, after all that's how I got into cycling. I will let reality creep in if I ever get serious.

I thought I would throw it to the panel and get your comments, pro, con, or funny.




Rambler said...

Hmmm... cross country would be epic. Immensely time consuming but if you can do it, I say start tomorrow. Oh yeah, and if you can foot the bill for me, I'll go with you.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've looked into this quite a bit. There was a writer for Surfer in the 80's that did a west coast trip to South America surfing and writing, etc.

Advice: use a Kawasaki KLR 650 instead. It's a much more durable, comfortable, and affordable ride for such endeavors.

Now you just need to explain to the family unit why you should get to take a bunch of time, spend a bunch of loot, and all while leaving them behind. If you do it, let me know and I'm coming with you.

But there better be Kracker Barrels where we're going!

Ms. Moon said...

Get a good helmet. Go. Don't forget to always carry extra water.
Would your wife want to go? What an excellent adventure-in-marriage that would be. And I am not being sarcastic, either. I'm serious.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Welcome, as long as we are throwing pennies in the well, I would like to pay for everyone! There is a small application fee and screening process.
The adventure would start when she refused to let me drive or decide where we were going. She's twice the man I'll ever be!
I looked into the Kawi and everyone said the BMW was more dependable, and easier to get parts for. A lot of people recomend that KlR650 though. Plus the other one SAYS BMW right on the cool is that?
I remember that article, it was awesome. I bet it was Sam George or Dave Parmentor. Those guy are great writers of all things surf.

nicol said...

Cool idea.

Sturgis is a place I thought of while reading your post.

AucillaSinks said...

I guess a two wheeled BMW would set you back a good bit less than a four wheeled Sportsmobile Camper (last month's dream machine). It would make for some great touring to be sure.

The west is calling you (back) WB. How are you going to take her? Will it be solo, with your buds or your bride? Rendezvous’ with the kiddies or keep it hard core? This year or next? You got a few oats that need sowing and the sky around here ain't near big enough.

bikechain said...

They have a nickname for motorcycle riders in the ER - organ donors. Put me in the no column. You should put your efforts into swaying me to do the hut to hut next summer. bikechain...out

BIG JIM S. said...

Put me in the NO column with Bikechain. I can hurt myself plenty on my MTB and don't need more speed and wet pavement to do more damage. I like Bikechain's idea of planning an epic MTB adventure. I'll bet you get quite a few takers....

Anonymous said...

yep, Sam George.

BMW is nice at 8 grand.
KLR is nice at 5 grand, with 3 grand extra for coke and whores! (OR food)

Put your loot in the bank for the youngin'; we're in recession dammit.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

There's a lot of things I like to try on in my head. I have no desire to leave my family (for long)they are my life.
I have always had this feeling that you need to actively plan the next adventure or you lose them forever. I have no regrets and this is not some mid life thing. I am aware of what's out there and I am trying to figure out a way to get out some more of it....with balance.
It has been my experience that all these day dreams lead somewhere, and that's why they haunt me. It takes a while to figure out the message.
The hut to hut would be as good as anything. It's on the list.
Sinks you got a great way of putting words together.

Anonymous said...

AMtrack has a 30 day unlimited stops pass; you can even load up a mtb and take it all across the west.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

That is a killer idea.....when do we leave?

AucillaSinks said...

One of my dream trips would be to spend multiple weeks doing epic 1 - 3 day bike trips from various back country base camps in the Moab - Canyonlands region and then cap it with a week on a houseboat on Lake Powell. Actually, that one is a memory that I dream of repeating but this time with my wife and kids on the boat.

I have only toured on my bicycle for one two-week stint and it was a blast. Being self-contained and crossing a chunk of country is a really cool thing. But generally speaking, I prefer to have a base vehicle with camp gear and beer and then do crazy fun day trips encumbered only with water and snacks. I have all the spare parts, good food and change of clothes in my vehicle, I'm totally flexible in my location and I can get very remote on a day trip.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Man, I was just looking at something on the travel channel about lake Powell. Those canyon walls and the little channels look alien. I may have to steal your idea and send you some copywrite dough!
Have you ever been up to Glenn Canyon?

AucillaSinks said...

Lake Powell is friggin unreal. We rented a ski boat and towed it behind our 50’ houseboat which allowed us to do longer day trips (i.e. Rainbow Bridge National Monument) in short order and to cruise way up the narrow canyons. But even with the houseboat we got up to some cool spots.

Yes, I have explored Glenn Canyon from multiple angles. The last time was actually with my wife. We drove our Toyota 4x4 in from the town of Escalante and camped in a little alcove off the "Hole-in-the-rock" Trail, some 50 miles from the nearest pavement. One day we did a challenging day hike down Willow Gulch feeling like we were way out there in these harsh lands with only a few precious pints of water on our backs and the threat of flash floods only a cloud away, ya da ya da. Then we passed four people who were obviously on a multi-day loop backpack trip. The impressive thing was that one of them was about four years old and she was carrying a bird’s nest and the little boy was maybe seven. They did not speak to us (westerners are so different than southerners) but later we wished we had asked those parents how the hell they can get such tiny kids to do thirty mile technical hikes in the way back country and look less challenged by it then a typical young family is when walking around Lake Ella!?!

But I tell you, there is nothing like dropping down into a slot canyon or conversely, hiking up one from the lake and popping out of its head on a windy plateau.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Jeez Sinks, I wonder how many lifetimes it would take to see half of what you have.

AucillaSinks said...

Ah, I just make this shit up.

BIGWORM said...

"Ah, I just make this shit up."

Now that's damn funny!

W.B. - Beware!! We have reports of a pink cotton candy dragon, lurking in your area, blowing smoke up people's arses, about doing the hut-2-hut system. As we all know, this is a damn lie! However, now that Big Jim Slade has made his way back home to us, I think he would be an excellent addition to the hut-2-hut group. As you well know, my attempts to make this trip happen this year met a lot of head lowering and eye dropping, amidst whimpers of "I'm not so sure about that...". That being said, you were a head dropper. So stop this newest craziness and start prepping for h2h!!! I'm getting too tempted to shoot this thing solo, and my wife will not forgive you guys when I do. Me, you, BJS, and Lil Ronnie would make a solid core for that journey. The rest may join as they wish....if they can keep their heads up.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Shite Man, My head was up, but my wallet was low! I want to do it. The other issue I worry about is altitude and athsma. I got a winded just walking around Grand Canyon. That worries me a little. Do You think I'd have enough time to acclimate?

juancho said...

F the West. The Dirty South rules!

Stay here and suffer with the rest of us.

bikechain said...


Now you are talking. Maybe next summer we do a Dirty South bile tour. For the price of a hut to hut, we pay someone to run support as we hit the best trails in the SE. No altitude issues and withing driving distance of Tally. New hotel each night and a chance to check out different places to eat. Then we do some tourism write-ups for some trip kick backs. WHo wants in?


bikechain said...

And of course I meant "bike" tour not bile. bikechain aka red dragon