Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Trails

This was a weird week for riding a bike. It all started Tuesday when Worm had a high speed crash, on a Phipps down hill. We were on our way to the lake and the big man grazed a rock and went in. To add insult to (...uh) injury we were ahead of him and never got the ride reunited.

Wednesday, I had a good ride with Lil W.B. from the homestead out to Tom Brown, where he blew up like only a W.B. can. It was biblical, we called for evac.. Momma extracted him from the BMX track. I finished out my ride.

Thursday, I was held up by three people on Horseback, on.......FERN!!! Apparently they brought the horses there to poop, and they snickered as I left the trail to avoid it. You all would have been proud. Not only did I restrain myself from raising my voice, I didn't even raise my eyebrow(s).

Friday, I was in a little bit of a hurry to get a hour and a half in. I went into Fern by Fort Knox. I crossed the tracks, and saw a group of young guys burning a fire (on the railroad tracks). My first impulse was to just let it go, but the Dad in me kicked in and I called 5-o. I couldn't stand the idea of those guys getting drilled by a train. I call it in I headed to Tom Brown and the phone rings. They need me back at the scene. TPD, TFD, and some railroad officials were there, and really interested in my thoughts. Forty minutes, and a sworn statement later, and I was racing dark to get home.

Saturday, everyone in the world showed up for our bikechain ride. Worm, Slade, Silk, Smarty, Micro, Red Dragon, and Longshanks, where all there with bells on. We ran into Juancho's crew on the levy (they have the highest collective I.Q. of any crew in the city with a couple Doctors, a good writer or two and.....Bushy!). After a few well placed jabs from Juancho, we were on our way, and they on theirs.

Sunday, I went solo on the big east loop. Out at Alford Arm, I yielded to some more really happy equestrians. They told me my "Buddies" back there were not as polite. I told them I wasn't riding with any of my buddies, and to have a good ride. It's hard to turn the other cheek, when you really want them to kiss one further south. I pushed through the neighborhoods to the Greenway, chased by the rain back to the homestead. That's the news kids. It was a head shaker.

Ba Bye now....



Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like a great week of rides, WB. No bears, either, huh?
But lots of adventures and opportunities to do the right thing.
Now go eat some cookies.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Several night time raids have depleted the cookie stores. This has led to increased panic and ice cream consumption.

juancho said...

That's some big miles W.B. That was quite the rendevous on Saturday. Too bad we weren't on a better schedule. Next week it is, as the kids say, "SO ON!"

Human Wrecking Ball said...


Ms. Moon said...

I FORCED my child to make cookies yesterday. With a whip.
To be clear, I held the whip while she made the cookies. She did not make the cookies with a whip.
They were good, too!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Mean but GOOD!

RickySilk said...

horse people... well.... I better not say it. I just feel sorry for the horses.

Anonymous said...

You did a good thing by not freaking out on them, even though you would have been justified. Idiots are just stones in the stream to drift around peacefully.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

It's funny, even when they are thanking you for stopping they always throw in a little quip.
They have bad experiences with newbies and then throw us all in the same barrel.
When will they separate the cotton from the Lycra?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of miles in there. Are you training for Fools Gold? I just need to say I have been on my bike twice since my loss at Bump & Grind both times at Munson and riding slow to plan trail work. I guess I need to get on it. I am signed up for Fools Gold.

Ya know horses only eat grass so their droppings are not so bad, the smell actually kind of makes me hungry! Sick I know but I grew up riding Big Red, they family 18 hand quarter horses. I guess though it isn’t really the horse that is the problem it’s the monkey in it's back.