Monday, July 14, 2008

The King Of Pain

Can I mention the horrific state of discomfort I have achieved? On the surfing side of the soreness, chest, shoulders and neck are somewhere between "call Kevorkian" and "Dear God!, start a morphine drip nurse!".

I had the brilliant idea of riding with some people Sunday. Here's what the recipe called for:

Lead out till completely out of legs, and vision is blurred by humidity, dehydration and lactic Armageddon. Then, let Worm heat it up by gapping, letting back on and gapping, much like a cat plays with a mole about to die, letting it rest, just long enough to play with it some more, before smashing it. Right about the time consciousness is leaving and the black is closing in the peripheral, ride a section of Munson with a foot of fresh wet pine straw, wash out in a corner and ride full speed into a tree with your shoulder. Great! Glad to get that off my life list.

I am going to sit in a corner and hit myself in the face with a hammer now. I would like to thank all the little (and not so little) people that helped me get here.
(insert short joke here)



Ms. Moon said...

You are just suffering an Ibuprofen deficit. Get those blood levels back up and you'll be fine.
Nurse Moon

BIG JIM S. said...

I feel your pain...

juancho said...

I tried to tell you people to slow down.

Me? I feel like a hundred bucks!