Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Losing It

It's hot out there people, and no time for a slump. This is not the type of weather that forgives weakness. In these dog days, it's best to be at the top of your game moving forward. I feel like I am filling bags and the Mississippi is coming. Everyone applauds the effort, but they know the water will rise, and this will all be for naught.

The sickness is absolute. I am going on vacation, and all I can think about is how Big Worm will be lethal when I return. Juancho will be a malnourished shadow of his formal self, hardened by miles of lonely training. Big Jim Slade will say "Aw shucks" as he casually passes me on a hill. When I fall off the back of the ride, they will all wonder how I could have fallen so far, and so hard. Then they will continue their conversation, and ride as though I was never there.

All it takes is a couple colds, a surf trip, and you are me. Out in the hot sun, lagging from the herd, waiting for the big cats in the grass.




BIG JIM S. said...

You are overtraining! Take two weeks off from ALL aerobic activity and eat LOTS of Pizza, Fried Chicken, etc.

Human Wrecking Ball said...