Monday, August 25, 2008

Help Joe

Looking at Yahoo news, like I do everyday, and a familiar face was there.
If you can read this and you are in the area, please go help Joe. The shop is under water and rising, they need help getting merch out of there. I am going to try to get off work, Juancho and a few of his guys are on the way but he just left me a massage saying "All hands on deck". So if you can break away, please go by there.


nicol said...

Whoa, Lake Ella.

Anonymous said...

yep, now a bit like Lake Smella.

Ms. Moon said...

I was down there today. It was completely shocking. But the turtles and ducks looked quite comfortable in what was formerly the parking lot.

juancho said...

S'quatch tells me the Muscovie Ducks have been robbing liquor stores all over Monroe street.

Anonymous said...

they're patsies, it was S'quatch.