Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When The Rain Comes

Not only did Fay flood Joe's, but it looks as though the damage to Tom Brown and Cadillac is substantial. Slade and I rode out to Cadillac to do some recon.

The entrance to Cadillac from Tom Brown. We couldn't see the bridge because there is so much water in there. The bottom of the multi-use is under water. Some of the multi-use on the Tom Brown side is under water too. We had to ride through the Piney-Z neighborhood just to get to Cadillac.

This is the exit of that gnarly, rooty, down hill from the picnic tables that they always use in the race. It looks unrideable and completely washed out. (No photo sorry.) This is the Tom Brown multi-use under water, we had to ride the pavement to get out of Tom Brown.

The exit from the Cadillac side going towards Tom Brown.

The entrance to the Cadillac multi-use from the Piney-Z side.

There is some good news: if you like Munson, you will have lots of people to ride with soon. Cadillac is in very bad shape, with a lot of erosion and several big trees down. We didn't make it out to the levy, so I have no report. This is some depressing stuff.



juancho said...

Time to get reacquainted with the Lines tract. Those pics look pretty bleak.

At least S'quatch will be happy that he won't have to ride Cadillac for a while- not that he rides anymore.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

It's so much worse than these phone pics. I am going to go to the FTOL meeting tonight. Maybe those guys have a plan. Nobody can move that water though.

Anonymous said...

c'mon soggy bottom boys, all I see are some water hazards that a good 29er would part like moses

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Yer gonna need a poo proof suit!