Sunday, October 19, 2008

Me and The Boys

You see them coming at you, in pairs, three's and alone. They move aside and let us come on through. I can remember the years I spent riding solo and what it sounded like to have the ruckus come toward me. At first you can't make out the voices and then, pieces of conversation, mechanical bike noise, and the line of laughing faces, breeze by you. It can take all the fun out of riding solo, or at least make you feel like a party is going on, and you aren't invited.

There are a lot of guys in our crew that contribute to the greater good. They all bring a unique talent to the table that everyone benefits from. I have been thinking about all that Red Dragon and Frog Legs did, at the race, to get all the gear, shirts, food, sponsors, and the race tent set up, so that we could all look good and be part of a team. They put a ton of effort into the shop and selling/tracking all the gear everyone buys and sells through them. When you couple that with the fact that you can almost never please anyone, it's a pretty daunting task. They get the crap bugged out of them, every time we ride, or hang out at the shop. Still, there's a place for everyone to sit, and drinks in the fridge.

I always have felt like the low dude on the totem pole because I am not (what I call) O.G., I am the f-n new guy for life. These guys have a lot of history and even though I have been here for few years, I always feel like I could be voted off the island any second. It is why making the podium (actually the grass) at Tom Brown was such a big deal to me. I felt like I was finally worthy of the crew of riders I hang with. I was as proud to wear our colors and actually do something for once.

I love being part of the Chain Gang, making the noise, and being part of the long line of riders. I hope I can keep my torch lit for a few more episodes.

I am going to go get water, and fix the hut now......... talk amongst yourselves.


BIG JIM S. said...

The tribe has spoken and you are not the biggest looser, oh wait, wrong TV show. Excuse me while I head to exile island.

mw said...

BJS, you gonna take the clue - or the comfort? Nice post T. Man you put the "I" in team. XoXo

juancho said...

And Joe's? What of us? Just cast to the curb? That's cold dog. Oh well, we all have to ride for the brand that serves us chow. I wanna chain gang jersey too.

TallahasseeTrails said...

WB, I empathize and sympathize. Heck, I'm the runner on a bike. Not quite in either world.
You, my bastard friend, despite an occasional irascible moment are a Ben Adam.
Trail Gnome
"If I fall you're going down with me" - Trail running advice from my Dixie Chicks
"Pugsley: It's how I roll"
Trail Gnome's home

Magnum said...

gang activity is up, everyone knows it, but soon, a Don will reemerge and we'll need to go to the mattresses.

Robot Army is on selective reactivation...

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I am in no way saying Joe is a terrorist, he is a good family man and although he is very hairy, he is not an Arab. I have not grudge with him but we have some fundamental differences in opinion that can't be overcome. I will stand by my statement Jeff Buckley is a way better singer than his Father.

Mw,Gnome, thanks for your support.

BJS I am not sure that not being the BIGGEST looser is an award I want to hang on my neck.

Magnum, you haven't been in a gang for years, but if you decide to do a pedal by...I got ya back Homes.