Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wake Up!

Perception is a funny thing and mine is almost never accurate. Over time I have learned not to trust anything, until I have seen some more footage. After a few bad calls, anyone can loose their swing. Every so often I connect and get a hold of one but, I haven't had a good streak for a while.

There are some guys I have been seeing around town for a few years. I never thought of them as fast, but they would ride logs that I couldn't, and they always did the big drop out at the end of Cadillac. The clues were everywhere, I missed them all.

I did pretty good in my last race and was still in the mind set that I had become pretty fast. I met a fellow Dad (at Leon soccer practice) that rides in the aforementioned crew. I invited him on a ride and he showed up with a chain and a switch blade. I never saw it coming. A lesser man would have died, but I squeaked by. Even though he got second in his class at Tom Brown, and told me about his recent trip to Moab, I floored it, flew past the road signs, and missed the exit. Now, I have a steak on my eye.

I need to work on fundamentals, you know, get back to the basics. Life is about recovery, I'll give myself a reasonable amount of time and get back to work.



"This is your wake up call sir."

"Oh.... thanks."

"My pleasure Sir, have a nice day."



reverend dick said...

You should drop everthing: haul logs through deep snow, jog all day(ideally while being surrounded by adoring kids-so you can reconnect with what's really important) come home and realize you must head back out and jog all night too, chase chickens, climb greased poles, and most definitely dance about with your fists in the air.

Being where you are, you could wrassle some gators, too, I guess.

Ms. Moon said...

But not until you get that extra hour of sleep tonight.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Rev, you kill me dude. I am going to show up out there some day and I m sure I will have the same feeling after riding with you.
Sis, sleep is for people that are in shape...I don't deserve to sleep!!!

juancho said...

what are the basics?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Miles hours and hills.

Magnum said...

at your age? you need to just try the meth; how do you think I get by? Well, maybe it's hot mango, but either way, get doping soon!