Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The world is feeling the pinch of the current failing economy (careful, don't say the "R" word). I was in the music business which folded in on itself in 2005, so I got a little head start on the rest of you posers.

We believed in the times of economic boon that we were smarter than people that made less money. Any argument could be settled purely by reciting our 1099 bottom line. You would hear people say things like;
"That poor Bastard only makes....(x amount) ......poor Bastard."
From that moment forward he or she had nothing to say of any value. Everyone was trying to network with the stupid rich person, who was suddenly instilled with all the knowledge in the world, because he was a consultant at a firm with an upward graph line.

I used to have forty dollar breakfasts at the Time Hotel. I used to hand my bike over to the shop and tell them to; "Just fix everything and let me know what I owe ya." Now, I better get a call with an estimate or a midget wrestling match is going to break out by Lake Ella. That's life in the new economic frontier. The Emperor is nekked!

It is a positive product of the the down turn (skipped the "R" word again) that the playing field is no longer divided by the grand chasm as it once was. I think this is great. It's not so easy to look down ones nose at others. I love watching the people that could talk of nothing but the lack of good caterers, cutting coupons with the rest of us (that's right I have been one of us for four years now....I'm local). To all of you I say: Welcome back, we been waiting for you. Feel free to conserve gas now that you can't afford it and say you are being "Green". We won't yell "Bullshit!" when you say you are trying to simplify and lessen your footprint because, darn it, it's good for the world. Sit right here next to me, I am a recovering asshole just like you.

The Romans are peeling their own grapes and I applaud them for it.



nicol said...

Double coupons is where it's at.

bikediet said...

Thanks for the open arms

Ms. Moon said...

Luckily for me I started hating shopping years ago so I'm cool.
Even Goodwill seems pricey these days.