Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turn, Turn, Turn....

I hated my clothes for being clean. I hated my bike for not having a drive train problem. I hated Big Worm for fixing it. I hated Spanish Mackerel, for showing me he has a snap and a sprint. I hated Slade, for riding from his house on the last two rides.

My oldest said: "You will feel better when you get out there."
We call him "Captain Positive" around our joint. How that kid came from my D.N.A., I have no idea. I guess there was more Mom in the mix, good thing too.

The sun was hitting the Greenway in a very nice golden hue. I thought about my Bro in D.C. depositing another pound of flesh to the research team, that saved his life. I was reminded that whenever you can, wherever you can, you must ride. Turning the pedals is not a chore, it is a privilege.

I rode the upper part of Caddy after the levy. If you want to know how surfing feels on land, let go of the brakes and keep it around twelve miles per hour. Flows like a river baby.

I slid back into my hood, and big ringed the Woodgate climb, out of the saddle. The pasta was hitting the table, as I walked in the kitchen. I fell asleep at 7:30 and cruised through to 6:00 a.m.. That happens about once a year.......What was I talking about ? Oh yeah. God, I love riding bikes



juancho said...

I love that breaking left on Cadillac!

BIG JIM said...

I won't make it a habit.

BIGWORM said...

7 frickin' hours!!!

Ms. Moon said...

With this weather, who wouldn't feel better?