Sunday, September 20, 2009

From Yesterday

Paulie Mac has got life dialed. He is one of those rare people that knows exactly what his place in the world is and he is comfortable in his skin. He can talk politics and the next second comment on architecture. He has great taste in music and his work as a carpenter qualifies him to be called an artist. With a disarming smile, he can disagree with you, making it impossible to get mad as he dismantles your argument. He has served in the Peace Corps in Africa, and ridden in the La Ruta de los Conquistadores. He is one of those guys you wish you could be but at the end of the day, you aren't as smart and lets face don't have the sack.

He has just returned home for his recent stint as a guide on the Tour d' Afrique. He rode from Cairo to Cape town over a four month period and then when it was over, he headed out on his own, cycling across the dark continent. I could go on but if you want the straight story, click on his link on my main page, and get it all from the horses mouth.

Cliffy had a little welcome home shin dig for Paulie and a small but prestigious group of folks turned out. Cliff is a great artist, a world class photog, and his house is a reflection of his tastes and talents. We drank (some of us more then others) talked (some of us more than others) and laughed well into the wee hours. We had a grand time and more than anything welcomed back one of the scenes elite. We won't be able to keep him long, but we wouldn't want to deprive him of his adventures. For an old dog like me, I look forward to reading his blog, looking at his photos, and pasting myself in there (pretend style) as he trots the globe.

Welcome home pal, sorry you can't stay longer, but we wouldn't any other way.



Mark said...

Aaargh, sorry I missed it. Sure would have liked to have seen Paul and hear some good stories.

Ms. Moon said...


BIGWORM said...

That really was fun. I slept the sleep of the dead last night. Between the all day ride Saturday, and the lack of sleep from staying up too late that night, I was beat! Michelle was completely confused when I stayed out later than she.

bikechain said...

Ditto on that but mine was from working the corporate cup in the am - and then football/cheer till nearly 8. 13 hours of sun and heat. Wished I could have been there. We need hash ride before Paul leaves. Not a some hash ride, but I chase ride with rabbit. Who's in?


Somali Pirate said...

Why is Cliff waving his arms in every photo? Was he angry about missing an epic ride across Afirca?