Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey D.J.!


1. Every player must have his own Ipod.

2. Any and all genres of music are allowed.

3. You have five seconds to start your song after being handed the dock cord.

4. Yelling, singing along, cheering a selection, talking over songs, providing attached memories, weird facts and trivia is not only encouraged it is required.

5. Each player gets one "pull" if they disapprove another players selection.

6. Players must divulge personal attachments to selections of other players, and any physical reactions such as "goose bumps".

7. Paper and pen are needed to write down awesome selections you have never heard of, for the purpose of down loading later.

8. Points are awarded, but everyone wins.

9. Mundane selections will be met with severe verbal abuse.



BIG JIM said...

How come when I play you guys call it the "special" olympics?

Ms. Moon said...

Man. I want to do that!

BIGWORM said...

Thanks to that little road trip session, I ripped about 20 discs to my iTunes library last night. Just about 200 more to go!

Mark said...

Did Jim break out Durante or Martin?? Wish I coulda been there

Spanish Mackerel said...

I love this game!!! So far it's cost me about 50 bucks at the itunes store.

Anonymous said...

you lost me a rule 1.

I might have to go shopping.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah, misspelling, "a" should be "at", I guess it's the WB spelling vortex over here.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I thought you were cracking on me! I just spent ten minutes trying to find my error!